Swati Dhanak is a New York based jewelry designer specializing in fine gold and diamond jewelry. She comes from a lineage of traditional goldsmiths and grew up in a family surrounded by jewelry. As a kid, she was frequently taken to the family-owned gold workshop in Dubai by her grandfather who moved there in the 1950's to expand the family jewelry business. These early experiences instilled in her a strong sense of  jewelry making and led her to design her jewelry line.

Swati moved to New York for university and went on to work in various positions for Armani and Chanel. Having lived in the Eastern and Western parts of the world, she developed a unique aesthetic and draws inspiration from personal, architectural and travel experiences.  The designer gravitates towards geometrical and asymmetrical elements around her. Created with 18k gold and diamonds, Swati Dhanak Jewelry is modern yet distinctive and pushes boundaries that characterize fine jewelry.